Our Sub-Teams


Our Electrical sub-team is in charge of wiring the robot. Motor controllers, pneumatic systems, and sensors are all part of their purview. They design the nervous system of the robot, with everyone relying on them to make sure that signals get from one point to another.


Our Marketing sub-team runs projects on the team that aren’t directly-focused on building robots. They organize demonstrations and volunteering events, track budget, maintain our web site and social media accounts, and write our Chairman’s essays. Without them, the team would be unable to work in the community or help spread FIRST.


The Mechanical sub-team, of course, builds the robot. They design, CAD, and machine parts before putting it all together into a single, final product. Often the largest sub-team, they divide further into ‘upper’ and ‘lower’ mechanical, with lower working on the drive base of the robot, and upper working on whatever specific system the game requires that year.


Our programming team writes the software code that runs the robot. Without it, the robot would just be an extremely expensive, large paperweight. On top of just the raw code, programming creates diagrams and documents keeping track of the robot’s functions, and they aim to make the drivers’ jobs as easy as possible, so that they can wholly-focus on the game and not on a finicky robot.