Our Robots

Robot 2017

Bruce and Becker 2017

Drive Train
-8WD custom drive train
-Belt driven
-Drop drive system

Gear intake claw
-Mini-Cim intake rollers
-Pneumatic raise/lower and arms

-1.8 second climb
-Velcro based wooden drum



Overall- 21-11-0

Finger Lakes Regional- Ranked 11th 10-6-0
Industrial Design

Buckeye Regional- Ranked 7th 11-5-0
Excellence in Engineering

Daly Division- 24th 5-7-0

2016 Robot

Toast 2016

Drive Train
-8WD West Coast drive system with custom gearbox

-8 in pneumatic tires

-All terrain

Boulder arm
-2 van door motors on 6:1 ratio

-Single mechanism harvester and shooter

114 lbs.


Overall- 18-23-0

Greater Pittsburgh Regional- Ranked 25th 7-8-0

Finger Lakes Regional- Ranked 23rd 9-8-0

James Buduson 2015

Drive Train
-8WD West Coast drive system with custom transmissions

-6 in wheels  

Tote lifter 
- 2 mini cims fed a custom tough boxs 
- Lifted totes by handle 

Can Lifter
- 4 bar linkage powered by dart linear actuator 
- pneumatic claw 

119 lbs.


Average qualification- 130

Average playoffs- 168  

New York Tech Valley Regional-Ranked 4th, Average qualification- 95, Average playoffs- 159

Finger Lakes Regional-Ranked 10th, Average qualification- 91, Average playoffs- 154 

Tesla Division-Ranked 10th, Average qualification- 150, Average playoffs- 185



Oshie 2014

Drive Train
-8WD West Coast drive system with West Coast product single speed 3 cim transmission

-4 in wheels, 2 centered wheels were wedge top, the outside were omni 

- Catapult style wench and dog gear to release to shoot the ball

Ball Acquisition
- Has a wide harvester with 1.5 in pvc rollers with a 10:1 versaplanetary

120 lbs.


Overall- 35-32-1

New York Tech Valley Regional- Ranked 21st 6-8-0

Finger Lakes Regional- Ranked 5th 14-6-0

Newton Division- Ranked 39th 5-7-0



Argon 2013

Drive Train
-6WD West Coast drive system with AM Super Shifters and Wedge Top Tread

- Could score high goal, low goal, or pyramid 
-6 inch pneumatic wheel

- 2 sets of hooks that could interchange between the horizontal bars 
- Shifted center of gravity to climb pyramid 



Overall- 21-15-0

Finger Lakes Regional- Ranked 13th 7-5-0

Buckeye Regional- Ranked 10th 7-5-0



Karl and Mark 2012

Drive Train
-6WD West Coast drive system with AM Super Shifters and Wedge Top Tread

Primary 2-point shooter (could score low, but not planning on it)
- Scores from the fender only- either in front or from the sides (4 scoring locations)

- Can push down the bridge to cross the field

Ball Acquisition
- Has a wide harvester/collector that comes down over the front bumper, while it scores over the rear of the robot

118 lbs.


Overall- 44-18-1

Finger Lakes Regional- Ranked 2nd  14-6-0

Buckeye Regional- Ranked 2nd 15-0-1

Newton Division- Ranked 36th 3-6-0



Charlie 2011

Drive Train
•6 Wheel Drive – 2 Plaction, 4 KitWheels
Super Shifters
550 Motor
Driving Timing belt and pulleys
12′ when fully extended
Made from 80/20
Can tilt back, move automatically or manually to post levels, floor, and human delivery
Game Piece Controller (“Grabber”)
System of rotating rollers to control and flip up game pieces
Autonomous Mode
Place UberTube on top or middle post level.
Minibot/ Minibot Deployment
We are currently working on providing detailed information about our minibot. Stay tuned or use the contact us for more information.


Overall- 34-17-0

Finger Lakes Regional- Ranked 12th  12-5-0

Chesapeake Regional- Ranked 5th 10-4-0

Newton Division- Ranked 21st 7-3-0


Eagle 2010

Drive Train
8 Wheels – 4 Omnis & 4 Plaction
Articulated Wheel Mounts
4 CIMs – also used for winching
Soccer Ball Control
Roller that is always spinning, except when kicking
Soccer Ball Kicker
Can kick from all zones
Winch Mechanism powered by the same CIMs as the drive train
Autonomous Mode
Adjustable based on opponents, partners, and starting zone


Overall- 16-15-5

Finger Lakes Regional- Ranked 18th  4-5-3 

Curie Division- Ranked 79 2-8-0