Chairman’s Award

In the past years, Team 340 has been awarded the Chairman’s Award eight times. Our team works very hard to win this award every year with our surplus of demos and community outreach. Below you will find our past Chairman’s Essays.

 What is the Chairman’s Award?

The Chairman’s Award is the most prestigious award in the FIRST community. It focuses on the numerous aspects of FIRST including Community Outreach, Gracious Professionalism, FLL Involvement, spreading the word about FIRST, and how your team bonds. In order to win this award, you must present at your Regional Competition. In order to present, you must write an essay, team history, executive summary, and make a video and a presentation that three team members present in front of three judges. Many times teams, do skits or other creative presentations.

If you win, your team will be invited to Championship to compete for the Chairman’s Award and Robot Champion. The process will begin again, and you will present in front of three more judges. These judges are looking for the best team from around the world.

If you win at Championships, you will be invited to Championships every year as a Hall of Fame Team. This means you will be unable to submit again.