FLL Involvement

Since our creation, Greater Rochester Robotics has been dedicated to spreading FIRST® throughout our community. Exposing students to the FIRST® program as early as possible is one way in which we do this. Spreading FIRST® LEGO™ League helps us to not only build robots but build character . Below you can find descriptions of the various things that we do in order to do this.

● FIRST® LEGO™ League Qualifier

● Donating Competition Fields to local teams and potential teams

● Over 700 hours of mentoring each year

● Volunteering at the FIRST® LEGO™ League Regional Event at the University of Rochester

● NXT Clinics

● Hosted FLL exhibition at the 2005-2012 FIRST Finger Lakes Regional Competition

● Summer Camp focusing on the previous year’s FIRST® LEGO™ League Competition

FLL involvement
FLL involvement