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Applebee’s Gates 09
The manager, Mike Lehmann, at Gates Applebee’s was entirely accommodating when we asked if we could put a college up in the restaurant that showcased our team-complete with FIRST information, CA medals and a team t-shirt. He picked a spot that was visible by all and appropriate. It was with the RIT memorabilia where we have won the Chairman’s award 5 of the past 6 years. We also held a fundraiser at the Gates store and another at the Henrietta Store.

Board of Education Presentation for FRC and FLL 09
On Tuesday, May 26th, Greater Rochester Robotics held a presentation about our FLL and FRC Teams for the Board of education at Churchville-Chili School District. We had students from our Finger Lakes FLL Championship Tournament Champions Award winning team and our two FRC Teams 340 & 424 describe their experiences. The Board of Education has been very supportive of our FRC and FLL programs. They were happy to hear about our successes and all of the things we have accomplished this past year. Their support is the main reason the district built a new Technology wing in 2003 and why we have a dedicated robotics room in the tech wing.

Books Delivered to “Reach out and Read” 09
Since returning from Atlanta last year, we began to collect books for children. The Chili and Gates Public Library’s were our largest donors. After book sales, they would allow us to take the leftover books for charities to use. Our team members also donated boxes of books. We delivered the boxes to the National program “Reach out and Read”. They work with Pediatrician offices and clinics throughout the county to provide new books to the patients but need used books for the siblings and for use in the clinics. The coordinators were very appreciative of our efforts on behalf of the children.

Buffalo Wild Wings 09
The Manager of Buffalo Wild Wings agreed to hang a team T shirt in the restaurant among the sport teams when he established that we were a “sport for the mind”. He has our shirt hung in a spot next to a Yankees jersey.

Built and Donated Vex Field for Ruckus 09
Team 340 once again was asked to build the VEX field for the Rah-Cha-Cha Ruckus. The Ruckus planning committee supplied us with the drawings and specifications for the game and we supplied and built the field itself. Although our team did not build a robot for the VEX competition we are happy to help the event whenever possible. We later gave the field to team 1511 for their pre-season build activity.

Chicken BBQ 09
The Chicken BBQ was a fundraiser for the team. It was a combined effort of the students on Team 340 and the Chili Lions Club; students went around their local community selling tickets and with help from the Lions Club barbecued a lot of chickens on an open grill. Students put the chicken, two potatoes, and a roll into a take-out box in an assembly line fashion which was served to the customer. Cooking the chicken on the grill was a lot of fun, and we learned to work as a team because it took two people to flip the rack of chickens (1 rack= 20 Chickens). At the end of the BBQ, we all smelled like chickens and I could not get the smell out of my shirt for many weeks.

Chili Fest and Parade 09
The past 2 years the festival was just a 1 day event on July 4th. We set up and demonstrated the 3 types of robots that the FIRST program offer. We also walked in the parade with the robots and gave out candy and literature about FIRST. Many people came to try out the robots and a few students were so interested, they signed up for the summer camp. We also have been at the festival years previously, one of the 4-5 days of the event.

Churchville Elementary School Demo 09
At the CES Demo, about 4 team members and 2 mentors addressed and showed off 424′s robot built to play the game “Lunacy,” for almost 300 Churchville Elementary School students. These kids ranged from kindergarten to 4th graders, and the school’s staff also attended. While 424 “bluffed” moon rocks into the center of the school’s gymnasium, the crowd rose in excitement. This demo is one of the most fun I have been to, since the kids’ enjoyment was so apparent to all of us.

Crestwood Children’s Center Demo and Book Donation 09
We provide boxes of book to the physically and mentally challenged children who reside at the Center. We also took a robot to demo and the clients loved getting behind the controls and driving the bot. The center staff appreciated our visit and the books for the children.

Cub Scout Demo 09
Gearing up to go to the very first demo of the off-season, a few students and a mentor skipped the weekly team meeting to attend a local Cub Scout meeting at a church. We brought a recent 424 robot, and showed about 20 very attentive young boys, and hopefully future FIRST-ers, how it worked, and let them all have a chance at driving it.

Daniels 5K for Cancer Research 09
On Saturday, April 4th, we helped volunteer at Daniels 5K, a run to help raise money and awareness for cancer research. Last year Dan Myslivecek lost his battle with battle with cancer at age 15. Dan was in many of our Tech classes and was friends with many members of the team. Team members and mentors helped with traffic control, setup, and various other jobs related to the event. We also made donations to help with cancer research.

Demo FIRST at Strong National Museum of Play 09
This was our first year of the “Kids Performing for Kids” event at the Museum. It was a busy day. We had all three programs FIRST offers and were joined by Team 578 from Fairport to show kids the robots.

Our members especially enjoyed this demo because we took turns checking out all the museum has to offer. It was a day of work but mostly play!

Demo with Bausch and Lomb at Eastridge 09
On Wednesday, May 20th, we held a FRC demo at Eastridge High School. We worked with our sponsor, Bausch & Lomb, to recruit students and teachers to help form a new team. We showed them both of our FRC Robots from the 2009 FRC game Lunacy. They were interested to see the different strategies used by 340 & 424. There were about 50 students and 8 teachers and school administrators present. We let the students drive the robots around and shoot balls. B & L is very interested in helping Eastridge to start a new team and we are happy to help in any way possible. It looks like Eastridge has a great foundation for starting a team and with the support of B&L and our team they should do well.

Supper Club 60 is a congregate nutrition meal site overseen by the Monroe County Office for the Aging, Monroe County, New York. The site is part of the federal senior nutrition program which includes both congregate meals (typically served at senior centers) and home delivered meals. The goal of the program is to provide a hot, nutritious meal and socialization. The Supper Club 60 meal is unique in that it is held at the Chili Wegmans grocery store in the Market Café. Meals are served weekly on Tuesdays from 4-5 p.m. The meal which includes a choice of four entries includes soup, salad, a vegetable, and choice of dessert and choice of beverage. Because it is part of the federal senior nutrition program authorized by the Older Americans Act there is not a charge for the meal to seniors 60 years and older. Participants may choose to donate to help cover the meal cost. The suggested donation is $4.

The average weekly attendance for the meal is 45 seniors.

Greater Rochester Robotics Team 340 has assisted with serving seniors many times with the usual meal service cafeteria line style serving salad, desserts and beverages. Team members also provided an extra special meal service when they served all seniors their meal entirely at their tables. The participants really enjoyed being waited on and chatting with the team members!

Donated Books for Foster Children 09
The books we collected over the year were split up between 3 organizations. Starlight Pediatrics is a Monroe County run office that serves a large population of foster children. Last year we collected money from bottles and cans at our Regional FLR and FRC at RIT and purchased 25 pairs of pajamas for the children. We asked the staff what we could do for them this year and they mentioned they could use books for the office-particularly for teenagers. We went to work and collected well over 20 boxes total for all three organizations.

Donated Dinners to “Open Door Misson” Homeless Shelter 09
At our Chicken BBQ on Saturday, October 3rd, we made 200 extra dinners with the intent of giving away any we didn’t sell to the Open Door Mission. We knew it would cut into our profits a bit but we knew the cost/benefit was little. As it turned out we ended up giving away 150 dinners to a worthy cause and the 50 extra dinners we sold made up for any loss in profit. We can’t wait to run another Chicken BBQ and possibly get a chance to give some delicious dinners to a worthy cause.

FIRST Ambassadors in Atlanta 09
When we were down in Atlanta last year, four of our robotics team members volunteered to become team ambassadors. Our job was to show VIP’s from sponsoring companies of FIRST and potential FIRST sponsors around the championship. We showed the VIP’s around the pits, the fields, and answered any questions about FIRST and the whole competition that we were asked. We had a blast and we think the VIP’s did too!

FLL Championship at University of Rochester 09
Each year Team GRR students, mentors and parents volunteer at the Championship at the U of R. We are coaches, referees, judges, team escorts (ambassadors), Que-ers, runners, practice field timing, reception desk, judges assistants and move around as the coordinators need us to fill in. Because we run a Qualifier at Churchville ( the past 3 years) our members are well-trained. The Coordinators were new at U of R this year. They attended our Qualifier to see how we ran the event because they had heard we ran a smooth operation and wanted to get ideas and tips for the Championship. They ran a smooth championship and the students looked like they were having a great time. Nice job U of R!

FLL Qualifier at Churchville 09
On Saturday, November 21st, Greater Rochester Robotics hosted a FLL Qualifying Event at our Middle School.  We hosted twenty FLL teams from all around upstate NY. The event was filled with some very exciting matches and some fun and interesting team presentations. There were close to 400 middle and junior high school students participating. Each GRR member helped participate at this day-long event along with many of our team mentors and community members. Seven of the twenty teams qualified for the Finger Lakes FLL Championship at the University of Rochester. Congratulations to all teams that participated and of the award winners.

Innovative Design – Team 2984 Mechanical Mayhem

Excellent Project – Team 8657 The Gear Freeze

Innovative Solution – Team 4178 The Lego Mega Movers

Creative Presentation – Team 9352 The Lego Works

Robot Performance – Team 2984 Mechanical Mayhem

Teamwork Award – Team 1126 The Loc Blocks

Judges Award – Team 8569 The Hippi Pandas

Champion’s Award – Team 3516 The Acorn Chuckin’ Squirrels

Golf Tournament at Brockport CC 09
On Sunday, September 20th, we held out FIRST annual GRR Golf Classic at Brockport Country Club. Students sold tickets to members of the community to participate in the golf contest. The tournament was set up as a best ball with a shotgun start at 11AM. Prizes were given out to the lowest scoring team and the individuals who won the closest to the pin and longest drive competitions. We solicited local businesses to sponsor holes and donate prizes. We hope to run another Golf tournament in the spring so keep your open for an announcement.

Great Family Expo Event 09
We were broadcast on the morning show on Channel 13. We arrived early (5:30 am) to meet Doug Emblidge (TV newscaster), to talk about what our part would include for the Great Family Expo. We enjoyed the four different segments on the morning news.

This was an event that showcased family friendly programs throughout the county from dance teams to train rides, bouncing areas, bowling and much more. We took our Chairman Award FRC team and our FLL Champions award team. We demonstrated 3 programs that FIRST offers. We were busy all day long.

Lions Fair Booth Demo, Parking, and Children’s Game 09
Once again, Team 340 became even more involved at the Churchville Lions Country Fair due to the addition of the Churchville Lions Club as an official team sponsor. As we ran our usual demo in our booth, we also volunteered to help park cars both Saturday and Sunday, and accepted donations for the Churchville Lions Club, which were saved and used as funding for various community organizations, charities, and community needs throughout the year. Also, to help out our team fund raise for our numerous community and team events throughout our off and build seasons, we organized and prepared a children’s game where kids, both safely and excitedly, played “basketball” against our robot built for the FIRST game “Lunacy.” While in the past, we ran the 5K Walk in Churchville for funding, the team, along with the Churchville Lions Club, decided that the walk should once again go towards a charity organization instead of Team 340.

Made “Stomp Block” for Churchville Wind Ensemble 09
When the Churchville-Chili Wind Ensemble wanted a device to make the sound of marching soldiers, they instantly came to the robotics team for assistance. They wanted a device called a “stomp block” and one of the cheapest ones they could find was $800. They were wondering if Team 340 could make one cheaper, and we did. Not making the Wind Ensemble pay a single penny, we were able to make them a stomp block to fulfill their needs. We were happy we could help the music department at our High School. They were very excited, used it in their March concert, and will also use it on their trip to Virginia Beach for evaluations from professional musicians. They earned the highest rating possible from the judges. Great job Wind Ensemble!

Marathon Pit Stop/ Water for Arthritis Foundation 09
On Sunday, September 13th, Team 340 staffed a pit stop at the Arthritis Foundation Marathon. We helped fill cups, hand them out and pick up after the runners. Our team had a couple of participants running with the cross-country teams and we had fun supporting the our team members, the many runners, and a great organization and cause. We hope to continue our support of this event and organization in years to come.

McConnell’s Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast 09
On Saturday, October 17th, we held a pancake breakfast fundraiser at the Applebee’s, in Henrietta, to support the McConnell Family. In September, Mr. McConnell passed away after a short battle with cancer. The McConnell’s have been supporters of the team since 2005, when Kristen joined the team. Both Kristen and Ryan have been members of Team 340 and we have appreciated their family’s support. We helped organize and run the event with the support of the boy’s volleyball team, Boy Scout troop 292 and the music department, organizations that Ryan is also involved with. In all we raised over $1000 to help the family during this difficult time. Our prayers go out to the McConnell family at this difficult time.

Mentored Pittsford Rookie Team 3181 2009
In September 2009, we started working with Pittsford to help them start their FIRST Robotics team. We lent them our 424 robot from the 2009 FRC game Lunacy. Our team helped them with pointers and tips for recruiting new team members, team organization, and team activities. We let them have the robot to drive around their schools to help give students a better idea of what a FIRST robot looks like. Over the next couple of months, we have helped with fundraising ideas, FIRST related requirements, and how competition works. At the Ruckus, we helped them with game strategy and everything that goes into an actual event. We let the Panthers keep the robot through kickoff in January.

We continued to mentor team 3181 through the build season, providing advice, parts, materials, design ideas, and other assistance. Our team even gave them an old robot frame to use as a robot cart for competition. At the competition, we were given the pit location next to them. This allowed us to help them through the entire competition, including helping them make their BOM. It was a great year for both teams and we look forward to working with them again next year.

Monroe County Office for the Aging Senior Day at the Beach 09
In August 2009, GRR students spent a day helping senior citizens at the beach for the Maggie Brooks Salute to Seniors. They helped transport the seniors to the pavilions and tables near the band stand and served the lunches. The students’ work allowed many seniors to enjoy the music from their era and the beautiful day at the beach. The seniors were from different Senior Centers and Senior Living Facilities throughout Monroe County. After helping the seniors back onto the buses they arrived in, the students followed the day up with a trip out to eat. The event was put on by The Monroe County Office for the Aging Senior Day.

Multiple Sclerosis Overnight 09
On this event, we helped to run a “getaway weekend” for people with Multiple Sclerosis and their family’s. We chose to help with this event because one of our team members’ parents has the disease and it was a good chance to give back, learn about the disease and learn about what it takes to live a normal life despite the limitations involved. We got to ride bikes that were designed to be driven by hand for people with the disease. Everyone involved learned something new about MS, that could be shared with the rest or our team and community. We stayed the entire weekend at the camp. To help, we served meals and moved bags along with other things to improve the campers experience. Some of the members from an FLL team that we mentor came along with us to learn about Multiple Sclerosis and what can be done for people who have it. They used much of the information that they learned to complete a presentation for the upcoming qualifier at our school. The first day was also “Make a Difference Day” which we submitted our information about the event on their website.  We had a great time helping to serve and give back to our community. We hope the campers did too!

New York State Fair 09
The summers of 2008 and 2009, Team 340 traveled to Syracuse to demonstrate the robots in the 4H building for the Great New York State fair. With help from Ana Martinez (FIRST), Deb Saulsbery ( Team 250) and Dave Sheldon ( Team 145), we had all the instruction and direction to present a successful demonstration both years. We were a popular booth both years and made many connections and friends.

In 2009, we were honored to have Cornell President Skorton come to visit our booth to learn about the newly founded partnership between FIRST and 4H. We had FIRST and 4H, M&M’s and refrigerator magnets to give out for the event. A popular area was the half-size FIRST Lego League table with just random parts for kids to play with.

NXT Coaches Clinic 09
On Wednesday, September 30th, we hosted our first of two FLL NXT coaches clinic. It was free and open to any FLL coach in the area. We divided the class into two groups, beginner coaches and experienced coaches. The beginner coaches were given more details about how a FLL event runs, the rules to the game, the coaches handbook, and of course NXT programming. Our students presented the game, the robots, and how the events run and our coaches/mentors gave lessons on the NXT programming and coaches handbook. The classes were well received and we were asked if they could attend the clinic on the 6th of October.

Project Lead The Way Demo 09
On Wednesday, July 8th, we held our first of two demos for teachers and instructors at the Project Lead the Way Summer training at Rochester Institute of Technology. We gave a presentation about FLL, FTC and FRC to a room of about 100 teachers while they all ate dinner. After the presentation, we demonstrated our 2009 Lunacy robot and had a question and answer time.

Project Lead the Way is a non-profit organization that helps to bring math, science, and engineering curriculum to middle and high school students all around the county. Teachers from all across the country travel to RIT’s summer training to learn new concepts and network with other teachers. Many of the teachers at the training asked questions about how to start new teams and where they can get help to run their own team.

Pumpkin’ Chunkin’ 09
On Saturday, October 31st, we hosted our first annual Pumpkin Chunkin’ at Stoke Farms in Scottsville. We invited schools from all around the Rochester area to come and see what we had to offer. Invitations were also sent to team leaders for all of the local FIRST Robotics teams that attended the Finger Lakes Regional last year. We spent close to a month designing and building a 7 foot tall trebuchet that could hurl a 5lb pumpkin (about the size of a bowling ball).   The winners on the open category traveled from Vermont and hurled a pumpkin an astonishing 300 feet in the air. The high school – non-FRC- category winner was from Wheatland-Chili and hurled a pumpkin just over 50 feet. In first place, in the High School FRC category, went to the host team from Churchville-Chili – Team 340 with a distance of 105 feet. In second place, for High School FRC category, went to our neighboring school of Spencerport team 3015. Congratulations to all participants.

Salvation Army Bell Ringing 09
Every year, we ring bells at Marketplace Mall to help the Salvation Army. We give out candy canes, sang carols and would hold the doors for customers. We try to go “Black Friday” weekend because the malls are busy. This year we filled the bucket!

Senior High Open House Demo 09
When our school had its open house earlier in the year, we thought it would be cool to demo our robotics team and our robot to the parents. All throughout the night, we had parents coming up to us asking us, who we were and what we were doing and it was an awesome experience to be able to tell people about FIRST robotics and what we do. One of the parents, had a Segway and showed it to us and let us take it for a ride for a little while. This was an awesome demo.

Summer Camp 09
For the second year in a row, students from Team 340 ran and organized a week-long summer camp for 5th and 6th grade kids from the area. At the camp, the kids worked with NXT sets to build and program robots for the previous year’s FLL game. Along with robots, campers built Alka-Seltzer cars, solar ovens, containers for a water balloon drop, and played kickball outside. Campers learned about engineering, problem solving skills and the values of working as a team.

Take Your Child to Work Day Robot to Bausch and Lomb 09
We finished modifying our 2008 Ruckus Jeep-bot just in time to give to B&L for “bring your child to work day”. In the fall, we put together a new robot just for the Rah-Cha-Cha Ruckus where we used the body from a Powerwheels Jeep and the frame of an old FRC Robot. For the B&L event, we took out the FRC control system and replaced it with a VEX controller, to make it easier for younger kids to use. We also locked the transmissions in low gear to keep the robot more manageable for younger kids. We would have liked to helped at the event but because of AP exams and school rules prohibiting field trips this late in the year we could only supply the robot, some FIRST literature, buttons and various other items for B&L to hand out.

Welding Class at Mahany Welding 09
This long class was designated to teach team members how to weld; in order to help their teams during the season. This event was held by Team 340, we also invited other teams to join us. A former student from the team, Ross Temple, taught the class giving the student a crash course. This class gave students a base with the necessities of welding their robots. This clinic was open to other teams as well as teaching students from Naples and other local schools.