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Mentored Science Olympiad 2010
This year we mentored our schools’ Science Olympiad team for robot construction and ballistic device. We worked with them to build the robot that they used in the NYS Sumo competition and helped with the design of their ballistic device. Both activities placed in the top 5 of their respective categories.

Middle School Jug Wars 2010
January 13-15th, 2010 G.R.R. students collected over $1700 worth of change for the Golisano Children’s Hospital.  We held a “Jug War” in the Churchville-Chili Middle School where we challenged the students to collect as much money as they could- the class that collected the most change won a pizza party! With this money we purchased a bear transport wagon and also donated books and Legos for the kids to enjoy.

Monroe County Fair 2010
On Saturday, July 17, 2010, we did a demo at the Monroe County Fair with Team 1511, Rolling Thunder, and Team 3173, The IgKnighters. Rolling Thunder had set up a full Breakaway field at the Fair, so we had the opportunity to play an improvised version of the 2010 game. The crowd was interested in the game and was interested in robotics and FIRST. Our team also utilized the opportunity to sell bandana bracelets as a fundraiser. Overall, we had a good time working with two other FIRST teams, despite all of the problems we had with our robot.

NXT FLL Clinic 2010
On Thursday, September 23rd, from 6:30 until 8:30pm Greater Rochester Robotics held an FLL Clinic in the Churchville-Chili High School Technology Wing.

This is the second year this clinic has been available to parents and coaches of FLL teams.

Eighteen people attended this event, and came from four different counties Monroe, Genesee, Ontario, and Onondaga.

The most interesting part of the night for visitors was learning NXT and finding out what the game is for this year.

The audience was highly interested in FLL and excited to tell their teams about what they learned.

Good Luck with the Body Forward Challenge.

Open House 2010
It’s that time of the year again, where parents visit their kids classes. Who ever wanted to go back to high school anyway? Well these parents sure did! Team 340 held a robotics demonstration for the parents to show them what FIRST is all about. Hundreds of parents went to see this demonstration and were even interested in having their children join. It was an overall successful demonstration and the robot worked the WHOLE time! It was so successful GRR is thinking of doing it again next year.

Patrick Carr Benefit 2010
On July 17th Greater Rochester Robotics Team 340 attended a benefit for Patrick Carr at Chestnut Ridge Elementary School. Patrick Carr is a first grader fighting cancer. GRR showed off its robot to many of those in attendance and let everyone drive it. We talked to most of the parents about FIRST and even got a couple of them thinking about starting a Lego League team but most importantly we helped support a good cause.

Photo Journalism 2010
“Avoid the Grip and Grin” is sound advice from Jackie Finn, Communication Specialist from Video Production and Photography Services of Monroe 2 Orleans BOCES.

A select group of Team 340 learned tricks and tips from expert Jackie Finn on how to take photos of for publication. She explained that to capture any event it is good to take three types of shots: a wide over view shot, a small group shot and then an individual shot.

The other key tip is to vary the perspective by taking photos from ground level, on level and birds eye shot. Also try to avoid the staged grip and grin handshake because that is not as interesting as a natural shot. It was a fun evening as we tried out our new techniques.

A huge THANK YOU to Jackie Finn, for taking the time to help us as we are trying to improve our skills in photography for publications.

Presentation for Churchville Lions Club 2010
We attended a Churchville Lions Club meeting at The Johnson House. While at the meeting we presented what FIRST is and what the organization means to the Churchville community. We explained how our team helps support the village and its citizens. Afterwards we answered questions about the team. The Lion’s donated a sum of money and now is a team sponsor.

3…2…1… LEGO! 2010
The FIRST Lego League Challenge Kickoff was held at the Rochester Planetarium Sept 11th.

The event was exciting and well attended by teams and coaches from around the area. Several members of Team GRR attended to get the scoop on this year’s game. We were happy to talk to many new coaches about the Lego program and promoted our NXT Coaches Clinic. We met Matt Stark, an alumnus of Team 340,who was gathering information for a brand new FLL team he was heading up in Corning NY.

4th of July Celebration 2010
Although there is no chili at this festival there was a lot of fun. This was the Chili Town celebration for the 4th of July. The day started with the team demonstrating FRC, Lego and Vex robots at our booth. The visitors enjoyed being able to help drive the different types of robots. The celebration ended with a parade through the center of Chili. Amazingly the robot marched the whole parade route on one battery. We all had a great time helping kids with the robot and spreading FIRST.

Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast 2010
Our event at Applebees was a pancake breakfeast, in order for us to raise money. We also sold raffle tickets for people to win prizes. We got some great work experiance by bussing tables, greeting people at the door and serving them pancakes. By dividing up the team to do different tasks, we were able to have a fun little system. A team member would greet people and bring them to a table. Another person takes their order of a beverage  and serves them pancakes and then a few other team members clear and clean the table when they leave. By working together, this event became a success.

B&L Mentoring 2010
Bausch and Lomb asked us to help mentor their Lego League team, Team B.L.A.S.T. to teach them about NXT programming, help them with strategy and their project. On Wednesday, September 22nd, three GRR team members and Mrs. Swift went to the Bausch and Lomb Headquarters in the city of Rochester from 6:00 until 8:00pm to help the team. The kids had already decided which missions to attempt, so we helped them with fine-tuning some of the programming aspects of the robot. They started looking into what sort of project to do, and decided to do a project concerning bionic eyes, since Bausch and Lomb deals with the eyes.

Good luck to Team B.L.A.S.T.

Bausch and Lomb FLL Team Mentoring 2010
They asked, so we came. Bausch & Lomb’s FLL team asked for help in learning to program the Lego NXT robots and how to approach the team project. Several team members and mentors gave a presentation on basic programming, how they approached the project during their years as FLL team Mechanical Mayhem and expectations during judging during competition. The team also helped to demonstrate team building games to develop team spirit.

Bausch and Lomb Picnic 2010
THANK YOU Bausch & Lomb!!!! On July 16th. Team 340 had a great time at the Bausch & Lomb Picnic for their Robotic teams. An exciting game of Ultimate Frisbee was played with the Eastridge team. Others tested their skill playing Pinochle and Euchre. The picnic was a fun and relaxing time to get to know the other Bausch teams.

Book Drive 2010
Continuing our ongoing effort to promote literacy, Greater Rochester Robotics team 340 helped Chili Pediatrics.

Team 340 collected and donated eight huge boxes of books. The books will be used in the waiting rooms and main lobby for visitors to read and enjoy. They were very thankful for our donation and interest in reading.

Built Robot for Team 73 at Finger Lakes Regional 2010
On Friday night of the Finger Lakes Regional (2010), we were informed that Team 73, The Visioneers, did not have a rolling robot yet. Team 73 had little mentoring help or experience this year but they were determined to design and build a robot on their own. They had a design that included bicycle tires cantilevered from the frame. This design allowed them to have excellent climbing ability  but very little turning ability. The little side forces combined with little construction help caused their robot to degrade quickly, leaving them with a robot that no longer moved.

After speaking with our sponsor, Bausch & Lomb, who is also the Visioneers primary sponsor, we agreed to try to build them a new robot frame for them to use with their robot components. We returned to our school and designed and welded a new frame for them. Unfortunately on Saturday morning, when we checked with the head inspector we were informed that we could not bring the frame into the event because of FIRST rules.

We then kicked plan B into action. We once again returned to school and picked up all of the Kit of Parts frame material that we had and returned to 73’s pit to start working on a new frame. We worked frantically with the students from Team 73 and some members from teams 63, 174, 191, and 217 to build 73 a new frame. At one point we even asked the event managers to hold off their last match so we could get them into a match before the competition ended. By the end of the morning we had a fully functional robot for them to use. Each student took turns driving the robot on the practice field and it seemed like they were proud of the work they had done.

We were sad that 73 didn’t make it to the elimination rounds but we were somewhat happy that the event managers didn’t let us bring the frame we built in for them. It was more important that the members of 73 help re-make their robot.

CADing with Kate 2010
Many Team 340 members attended Kate Leipold’s CAD training class. We learned how to make a base for the robot and a standard drive chain. Everyone learned a lot more on Autodesk Inventor Pro 2010 and was excited for . . .

SURPRISE it’s a BABY Shower!
Along with the CAD clinic, Team 340 decided to surprise our expecting mentor Kate with a robotics baby shower. We decided to tie in her goodbye party because she will be taking her maternity leave from mentoring this upcoming season. We will all surely miss her, but it was a nice way of celebrating and saying our adios.

Celebrate Good Times, Come On… 2010
Churchville-Chili is definitely having good times including their first annual Celebrate Churchville-Chili. Churchville invited all their sports teams to attend and host booths explaining about what they do in their teams.

With the superintendent, Churchville-Chili Central School District administration members, and other various sports teams and clubs, the FIRST Robotics Team 340 demonstrated their robot and talked about FIRST. Many parents and kids were very interested in what FIRST had to offer.

Check Presentation to Golisano Children’s Hospital 2010
We recently visited the Golisano Children’s Hospital at the University of Rochester Medical Center to demo our robot and also present the check for all the funds we collected. We also delivered books and assorted legos for the children’s use.

The hospital was very grateful. They created a Facebook album about the visit and added a photo of the check presentation on their Caught Doing Something Good slide show

Chestnut Ridge Elementary School Open House and Book Fair 2010
Members of Team 340 volunteered at the Open House by invitation from the Principal. They worked at the Book Fair collecting money and bagging up the family’s book and school supply choices. They also worked in the gym assisting the families with the games such as hula-hoop. The school is very involved in many programs aimed at improving literacy. They have invited team members to assist in the classrooms helping the teachers with reading programs.

Childtime Daycare of Greece Demo 2010
On August 6th, the team introduced the children at the Childtime daycare to FIRST with a demonstration. The children were excited and enjoyed driving the robot around.

Churchville Lions County Fair 2010
The team ran a booth at the Churchville Lions Country Fair. At the request of one of our sponsors, the Churchville Lions Club, the team also added the Sunday morning pancake breakfast to their to-do list this year. Over the weekend of August 21 and 22, 2010, Team 340 manned a booth, demoing Jeep bot, selling bandanna bracelets and GRR coffee mugs, and also running a quarter toss game for kids. We also helped out the Lions by working with their parking crew to direct cars. The weekend was lovely, and we were able to spread FIRST to the many people who attended the fair. The only thing we could have possibly asked for was sun on Sunday! The team had lots of fun supporting the Churchville Lions.

Go Bills! Go GRR! 2010
To further the public’s view of FIRST Robotics as a sport, Team 340 went right to the center of football in New York. Spending a whole afternoon at Ralph Wilson Stadium at the Buffalo Bills Family day helped to get that message across. Kids were drawn in by FLL, baffled by the idea that Legos could create a robot! They asked probing questions, for ages five to fifteen, they all wanted to know how to start a team at their school, parents included. A lot of parents went home with pamphlets and brochures about how to start a FIRST team. Visitors were also interested in the big robots too. Kids and parents alike were lined up just for a chance to drive our jeep bot. We also let kids catch a soccer ball from our competition robot. All in all this was the perfect demo to promote FIRST and Team 340.

Golisano Children’s Hospital Outreach 2010
After we counted the change we collected from Jug Wars, we set to planning our donation demo at Golisano Children’s Hospital. At the demo we handed our giant check of $1,700 to Anne Swantz, the senior nurse practitioner for Pediatrics, boxes of books, and tubs of Legos. The children really enjoyed stacking and pulling apart the legos and were ecstatic to learn they could keep them. While they weren’t occupied with the Legos they learned how to drive our Jeep Bot. We even ran our little Lego Mindstorm robot, Explorer, which cleared the table of the Legos. All in all the kids and us had a great time playing and demonstrating the robot.

Great New York State Fair 2010
GRReat fun running the booth for FIRST at the NYS Fair in the 4H Youth building. This year we spent two busy days, August 28 & 29th, spreading FIRST to the eager crowds at the fair. We worked with another FLL team, The RoboSpartans, to demonstrate FLL, FTC and FRC programs. We created a veggie race track, with a twist. Fair goers raced their Lego creations, instead of vegetables, against our Lego tomato down the track. Many visitors were interested about FIRST and loved building with Legos.

GRReat Chicken BBQ!! 2010
This year’s 2nd annual Chicken BBQ was a success! On a beautiful October afternoon, Team 340 sold delicious chicken dinners. Our location was better this year by featuring the chicken drive thru at the front of the high school instead of at the cafeteria. By prepping and cooking the meal GRR sure had a smoky and fun filled afternoon. Team 340 sold over 400 chicken dinners to our community, friends and neighbors.

Haunted House 2010
Greater Rochester Robotics helped the Churchville-Chili Music Department with their Haunted House on October 22, 2010, which helped them raise money for their future events. Three levels of scariness were achieved and over 100 people were scared! The Music Department really appreciated our contribution to this new event they started this year.

Hippie Pandas 2010
FLL Team 852, the Hippie Pandas are in the dark on their project as they try on blackened glasses to get a feeling for what it is like to be blind. They have been busy collecting and analyzing data to see if an ultrasonic sensor can assist the blind. With only a few weeks left before the Qualifying Tournament they are hard at work programming their robot and working on their research project. In two weeks check out YouTube for the FLL Team 852 Hippie Pandas Ultrasonic Aide for the Blind video.

Hippie Pandas are Back! 2010
The Girl Scouts of Western NY FIRST Lego Team, Hippie Pandas, kicked off a new season of the Body Forward Challenge.

The team was eager to start and went to the kick off at the Planetarium to get an overview of the game. They are meeting on Wednesdays at the CC tech wing and on Saturdays as the season progresses. This year’s project explores the field of Biomedical Engineering and they have decided to work on a project involving the blind. This year you will be able to spot the team as they will be wearing bright green, blue and orange tie dye tee shirts.

Jug Wars for Haiti Relief  2010
In order to raise money to send to Haiti, Team 340 held a Jug Wars. Like, the Golisano Children jug wars we collected money for three days. After each day we stayed after school and counted the money. For the sophomores, juniors, and seniors we made it into a contest. The class that collected the most pennies (which were worth +1 points) and the least nickels (-5 points), dimes (-10 points), quarters (-25 points), and dollars ($ amount x -1 point) got to throw pies into the losing class officers faces. Each class was able to sabotage other classes by putting coins other than pennies into their jugs. It was a mess but fun at the same time. The ninth grade did it also but theirs was modified for them. Instead of class vs. class it was a battle of the sexes, Boys vs. Girls. If the girls won they got to throw a pie in the face of the only guy officer. If the guys won the guy officer got to throw a pie in the face of one of the girl officers.

Let’s Make a RUKUS! 2010
Team 340 definitely make a ruckus at the annual Ra Cha Cha Ruckus! Held by Team 1511 Rolling Thunder on October 23, 2010, at Webster Spry Middle School.

Twenty-three teams from NY and Ohio put gracious professionalism and fun into action. All participated in a mini Breakaway competition and spirits were high. GRR made it to the finals with a GREAT alliance, partner teams 1511 (Penfield Rolling Thunder) and 578 (Blue Lightning). Together we took home the championship!

One of the funniest moments was when one of our mentors, Rob Heslin, received a pie in the face after people purchased tickets to earn the privilege. He took it graciously and we hope to carry the energy from this win right through to FLR regional in March!

Way to go GRR!

Return of the Golf Tournament 2010
On Saturday, September 18th, Greater Rochester Robotics Team 340 held its second annual Golf Tournament at Salmon Creek Country Club from 9:45am until 3:00pm. The weather was warm and sunny—a perfect day for golf! Fifty-three golfers attended this event, and interestingly, one of the GRR mentors in attendance won the 50/50 raffle.

Chuck Moone, who is also a mentor, came in first place in the tournament. Everyone in attendance was very interested in FIRST Robotics. They wanted to go to other events like ours in the future.

Over all we were very pleased with the production of this year’s golf tournament and can’t wait until next year or even this spring to do it again.

Rolling Thunder, Let’s Get Together… 2010
Team 340 member’s work together to help out a fellow FIRST team student. Robotics Team 340 collected bottles and cans to go towards a fund to help a 1511 student diagnosed with cancer. All of our proceeds will go towards this student’s condition and everyone from Team 340 wants to wish this student a smooth recovery. We just hope that our contribution will help out in any way possible.

Senior Class of 2010
Team 340 held a picnic to wish the parting seniors farewell and best of luck in their future endeavors. The party was hosted at Justin M.’s house located near Pineway Ponds Park with co‐host “Bower‐ the huge drooling black dog.” The picnic was loads of fun starting with good food and ending with euchre, playing on the playground, running through the Splash Park and ultimate Frisbee. The team wishes the best to their seniors as they head off to college and work.

  • Kat Zelak – Cornell University – Animal Science with Pre Vet Focus “I am really excited about getting out into the world and trying new things. Goodbye Churchville!”
  • Juliana Lawniczak – University of Dayton‐ Chemical Engineering “I think I am most excited about changing things up. I am most nervous about dying during track practice!”
  • Ian Shelanskey – University of Buffalo – Theatrical Technician “The name of the game is technical theater, lights and sound work for musicals, rock concerts and maybe even FIRST Events.”
  • Bryan Duong – RIT – Electrical Engineering “I’m definitely looking forward to graduating but I’m really nervous about heading off to college. Gonna be a mentor next year, yay!!”
  • John Maffett‐ Alfred State University – Computer Science “I’m most excited to be on my own. I’m most nervous about being so far from everyone and my mother making a surprise visit.”
  • Jen Wilson – RIT – Electrical Engineering “I’m most excited about meeting new people and doing new things. I’m most nervous about meeting new people and doing new thing. Is it possible to be both nervous and excited? I’ll come back and mentor when I can.”
  • Tawny Martin— Buffalo State— She is going to mentor Kate’s little baby in the fine art of Gracious Professionalism when wearing his wee little GRR tiger outfit.


Seniors Day at the Beach 2010
GRR members went to Ontario Beach Park today to volunteer to help in Maggie Brook’s Salute to Seniors. Helping guide the seniors to their pavilions, carrying chairs, passing out lunches, and pushing those in wheelchairs who needed assistance, GRR was able to benefit those who have helped make the community what it is today. It was a great opportunity to show what Gracious Professionalism is all about.

Strong National Museum of Play Demo 2010
On March 20th, Team 340 and Fairport Team 578 spent the day at the Strong National Museum and participated in the Kids Performing for Kids day. We showed off our FRC and FLL robots to museum goers and had a lot of fun! Special thanks to everyone who was involved in helping to make the event a success.

The Legos are Here, and Their Better Than Ever! 2010
Churchville-Chili Middle School has four FIRST Lego League (FLL) teams that are competing in the qualifier on November 20th, 2010 at Churchville-Chili High School.

The Rookie teams are:

  • Lego Impact
  • High Voltage
  • Fightin’ Saint-Bots

Veteran team:

  • The Hippie Pandas

Two of the teams meet every Monday and the other two teams meet every Wednesday. Many of our team members are mentoring these teams and are excited about introducing new students to FLL Competition.

Good Luck and Go Teams!

Third Annual Summer Robotics Camp 2010
GRR ran its third annual robotics summer camp July 19-23. There were 26 happy campers that built Lego Mindstorms robots, exploded baking soda and vinegar volcanoes, created silly putty and battled in a pirate ship war. At the end of the week, Parents came in for an open house where they were able to witness our mock FLL competition. The winning robot group, “The Yan-kees,” scored a respectable 295 points and were very excited about legos. The parents even inquired about starting a Lego team! Team 340 was successful in reaching its goal of exciting kids about engineering through this summer camp. We can’t wait for next year!

Troop 292 Boy Scout Demo 2010
Local Boy Scout Troop 292 came to us and asked if we could give them a tour of our tech wing and do a robotics demo. We graciously obliged and had them come in on one of their meeting nights. We demoed robots for FIRST Lego League, FIRST Tech Challenge, and FIRST Robotics Competition. We told them what FIRST is all about, Gracious Professionalism, Cooperation, and explained what our team does and how we do it. Many of them are now planning on joining FLL teams and Team 340 once they are at the appropriate.

Wii Bowling Tournament 2010
This year Team 340 held a Wii Bowling Tournament to help raise money. We set up 10 “lanes” in the Cafeteria and sold concessions which ended up being a rather successful fundraiser. It helped us raise not only awareness of the team, but also FIRST. As a result of the success we are now making it an annual event and can not wait until next year.