Greater Rochester Robotics has participated in a multitude of community service projects and demonstrations, and the number just keeps growing every year as we get more and more manpower to do what we do. Around here, we don’t strive to do as many demos as humanly possible; we strive to give a demo that makes them ask us back next year, because they can’t get enough of FIRST®. We are also a President’s Circle Team because of our innovative ideas for spreading FIRST®.

What is outreach?

By definition outreach is: the sharing of FIRST® in our community and beyond.

Outreach can be achieved in numerous ways, it could be reaching out across the ocean to another country, to another state into the community or even to your best friend.
These are actions to help others. It could be raising awareness about a cause, raising money for a hospital, or bringing books to children who would otherwise never get the chance to read. It doesn't matter what the project it is, the point is to help others and have fun doing so.

So get out there and get involved.

What projects have you done?

There are way to many to list in this little text box but a few worth mentioning are the following:

  • FIRST® Mega Drive with 1511- We teamed up with FIRST® Team 1511 in order to create the FIRST® Mega Drive for Make a Difference Day. Together we teamed up with the Red Cross, Reach Out and Read, FoodLink, and Mavin to collect blood, books, food, and electronics. We managed to surpass the goal in amount of blood, collected a lot of books and food, and about two skiffs of electronics.
  • Nicaragua- We helped out one of our FLL teams (The Hippi Pandas) to achieve their goal of bringing milk pasteurization techniques to Nicaragua. We helped them assemble wax indicators and these indicators are being used in Nicaragua now.
  • Housed 3015- During part of build season typically our friends down the road in Spencerport are not allowed to use their facilities during their February recess. So in order to help them finish we let them use our facilities. It's usually a fun time as we share dinner and have a little bit of friendly competition when we transform our school cafeteria into a field. By letting 3015 use our facilities our teams have become much closer and we enjoy having 3015 visit; they are welcome anytime.

I'm sure you're curious as to why I listed those three. Well it just goes to show that you can help your community, other countries, and your friends all in order to achieve outreach. You don't have to plan one big event, planning a bunch of little ones that benefit many different people are beneficial as well. No matter how small the event you should feel good knowing that you are helping someone.

Where do I begin?

Well, we recommend start small. As you gain more experience on how to run demos and outreach programs it will become easier and easier. Working your way up the chain puts less stress on you, and allows you to relax a little and just get the feel of things. Do not be discouraged if your first attempt is not as successful as you hoped, these things take time. The longer you stick with it the better it will be.

If you are ever stuck and need a little help please feel free to contact us!