2000 Team

2000 Co-Opertition FIRST

In 1999 GRR was formed, between Nortel Network and Churchville-Chili High School. Do to the general umbrella of the Greater Rochester area we were open to any and all students between 9th and 12th grade and also any child in those grades of a Nortel Network employ. This lead us to have our first team. The team was lead by two high school teachers, a handful of Nortel Network employees and a strong support group from our local community, and also the equally as dedicated parents. This year our team achieved great heights in this year playing the game at hand . Together as a team we took home the Rookie All Star award at our very first regional in  New Jersey where we were picked by Team 303 to compete in the elimination rounds where our alliance took home the Finalist Trophies and medals. Due to those results our team decided to travel down to Florida, and visit the Epcot Center to experience our very first FIRST Robotics Championship. There we were again selected to be a part of another amazing alliance going to the elimination rounds. Although the alliance was knocked out in the first round we still were astonished on how far we had come. It’s easy to say we were hooked.