2001 Team

2001 Diabolical Dynamics

In 2001 our passion was only growing. We picked up where we left off in 2000 and were only getting better. With a growing team of 30 students and 15 mentors and teachers we got to work on tackling the challenges at hand. This was the year that we set out to reach and achieve all new goals, one of the goals we wanted to reach in this build and competition season was setting the team into two designs to be built off the same base platform. We chose to build a robot that was change able to benefit not just ourselves but also our alliance  partners. The team decided to venture out and attend the Long Island Regional Competition. After those two days of competition we found ourselves in the first seed and picking first for the elimination rounds. Although we did chose a fantastic alliance we were knocked out of the elimination rounds due to loss of traction. Although we lost the rounds we went home with the Imagery award for our constant theme between our animations and website to our robot.