2002 Team

2002 Zone Zeal

In 2002 change happening within Greater Rochester Robotics. We were holding ourselves to high expectations not only for our team but for our robot as well. We were growing up and getting better and happened to grow out of the machining facilities lent to us by Nortel Network. Due to that we had to make new partnerships, and in doing that we became associated with Precision Weld.Due to our spreading partnerships our team was split and working out of both facilities. Although we had to do this we still built one of our most technological robot yet. With the help of some RIT students and mentors which gave us a huge opportunity to make our robot even more so automated than before which took a little less stress off our drivers. This year we decided for our regional we would travel stateside and head down to New York City for the New York City Regional. At this regional the team was awarded the Delphi Driving Technology Award and the feeling we had of having a good shot only grew. We took second and headed to the elimination rounds, though we were eliminated. But that loss there didn’t stop us from continuing on to championships with few modifications to the robot. At championships we were back at the elimination rounds picked by team 329 a fellow Nortel Networks team. With this great alliance we manage to take over the number one seed and were faced with a tough TechnoKats alliance, but that didn’t stop us we tried our best and accepted the loss professionally.