2003 Team

2003 Stack Attack

In 2003 our team reached all new heights, although our team had some minor setbacks this year we as a team and a family managed to pull through. In one of our regional events we struggled slightly. Although that may have dampened our spirits we tried our best and accepted the outcome with the utmost graciousness. A positive outcome of this year among some of the hardships was the tremendous support our school gave us and the gift of a new Science, Math and Technology  home for our team and academic classes. This gave us the greatest opportunity to come home and work out of our very own school, because along with this positive, came a saddening loss. Due to cutbacks and reasons our team parted ways with one of our large sponsors at the time Nortel Networks. Although we lost Nortel Networks our efforts paid off, the judges felt our robot was worthy of the Motorola Quality Award for the robust and durable design. We were also selected by the number one seed, Team 25, to participate in the elimination rounds. This partnership proved to be unstoppable as we went on to win the J&J Regional. 2003 ended in bitter sweet success, we proved that we had a great robot, good enough to compete with the best in the country.