2005 Team

2005 Triple Play

The year 2005 was a challenging, learning experience for Team 340. As we began to build the competing robot, we came to the realization that the task was not as easy as we had thought. The team learned the hard way that we cannot do everything and that procrastination combined with trying to excel in all aspects of the game does not pay off.   Needless to say, our robot did not do as well as we had planned in the Finger Lakes Regional competition. However, we were chosen for the top alliance with the ThunderChickens, Team 217 and SIE H2O BOTS, Team 237 for our excellent defensive tactics. Unfortunately, our alliance did not make to the finals and was eliminated in the second round.   Although our robot did not perform up to our standards on the playing field, the team itself performed excellently off of it. We were able to leave the regional with the most prestigious award of FIRST Robotics, the Chairman’s Award. Our team was extremely happy with this especially because we were now eligible to receive the award in the National competition as well.   During the 2005 season, we were given the opportunity to mentor several teams. The Finney Falcons (1405) is one team that we have mentored for two years now. Through the process of mentoring they have not only been successful, but we have now formed what we think will be a long lasting friendship with their team. We mentored two other teams throughout the 2005 season as well.   FIRST Lego League (FLL) was a major project in 2005. We started and mentored a Lego League team at our districts Junior High School throughout the season. We even managed to get a small exhibition together to compete at the Finger Lakes Regional. We were able to get five teams to take part in the side competition. The small exhibition was a prelude to the 2006 FLL full competition held at University of Rochester.   2005 taught our team some important lessons; the most valuable being that a season can be a success even if your robot does not compete to your expectations. Our Chairman’s Award was a very proud moment of our team’s seven-year history. We are now further broadening our efforts to live up to the expectations that came with the award.