2006 Team

2006 Aim High

The 2006 season brought more challenges and more opportunities for growth. We quickly jumped into the game and began planning out our strategy. The question we faced was, to build a shooter or a low goal scorer. We decided to build a shooter and proceeded to prototype and build a competitive robot.   The robot worked well and we were selected by the 6th seed alliance 1559   Devil Tech and 1405 The Finny Falcons. We helped our alliance make it to the semi-finals, only one win short of the competition finals.   Once again our team success surpassed our robot success. On Friday of the FLR we were given the Website award and we were all very happy for Gary our webmaster. Our team leader Jason Rees was also awarded the Woodie Flowers Award for the outstanding Mentor at the regional. On Saturday we were presented with the Chairman’s Award for the second straight year.   This year we once again focused our efforts on helping our community and advance FIRST. With the help of our sponsor, Bausch & Lomb, we promoted FIRST Lego League and FIRST Robotics. We continued to help local teams by holding a welding training class for seven local teams. We continued mentoring local teams and helped 1405, 1511, 1551, 1559, and 1567 with parts and welding. This year we advanced our FLL efforts by branching out to local schools with student mentoring. We continued helping our Junior High School team with fundraising and mentoring. We also began working with the Destiny School for the Gifted and Talented in Brighton, a partnership we hope to continue for years to come.