2007 Team

2007 Rack n Roll

Since team 340 was growing so rapidly, the newer kids weren’t able to participate in the actual building of the robot because there were just too many students. GRR decided that it would be better if Churchville-Chili High School hosted 2 teams. Thus, 2007 was the first year for Team 424, GRR2. All first year students participated as members of Team 424, working side-by-side with the veteran team. Although Team 340 had to give up some of its best mentors and working space, the set-up was a success, and both groups were able to focus more on their own robot and team bonding. The “sister teams” were also able to use each other as both a support center and available competitor, and one of their scrimmages appeared on the early portion of 13 WHAM news.

After countless hours of hard work and dedication, we attended the Finger Lakes regional event. Friday’s evening ceremonies presented us with the Website Award. The rounds on Saturday led us to be selected by the 8th alliance, and we made it all the way to the finals, taking home the silver medal. A year’s work of community service, demonstrations and other innovative ways to spread the joy of FIRST landed us the Engineering and Inspiration Award.

Although we didn’t take home any awards in Atlanta, Team 424 came to support 340’s robot, and the team members became closer as we spent the weekend together.   Team 340 members couldn’t wait for many of 424’s students to move up to join the veteran team, and looked forward to meeting the new batch of rookies ready for 424