2008 Team

2008 FIRST Overdrive

With the whole system of two teams working together down, 340 and 424 set out quickly in the 2008 Competition, FIRST Overdrive. Immediately after Kickoff, both teams went to deciphering the rules and formulating a game strategy. Throughout the build season both teams worked closely with our mentors to create their robots. As the Regional Approached, both teams contributed to each other to help each other do better. At Finger Lakes Regional, both teams were plagued by problems during the practice matches, and a few qualification matches. Still both teams were able to get a system down and moved on each round. Team 340 was able to make it to the quarterfinals, but were stopped there. While the robot did no go as far as desired, 340 still managed to win the Regional Chairman’s Award, from all the hard work put in by the team. In Atlanta, Team 340 was unable to make it past qualification, but the time spent together in the two teams help bond the team, preparing them for 2009.