Team Picture 2009

2009 Lunacy

In 2009 Greater Rochester Robotics gained a lot of experience.  Now in our third year with two teams, we had perfected team organization and expectations were at an all time high.  424, the JV team, picked a strategy early and proceeded to build a highly capable robot. 340 spent the better part of 3 weeks deciding on a strategy and prototyping our ideas. Once a strategy was chosen integration was put to the test with a fairly complex robot.

At the Finger Lakes Regional, 424 entered the elimination rounds as the 4th seed alliance and selected 1126 and 2228 as our partners. After 3 straight losses to start the competition team 340 rebounded and found ourselves as the 7th seed alliance entering eliminations. 340 teamed up with 1511, and 316 to form a well rounded alliance. 424 was knocked out in 3 matches in part to an unfortunate robot failure by one of our alliance partners. 340 fought through eliminations to find ourselves up against an excellent trio of robots and was eliminated in two matches in the regional finals. Team 340 was awarded the Finger Lakes Regional Chairman’s award for our continued hard work and efforts in the community. Team 340 then went onto the Championship event where we redesigned our robot from a shooter into a dumper. While on field robot performance was significantly better, so was the competition. We finished the competition with more wins than losses but we were left out of the elimination round and the awards ceremony. This did not put a dampener on an already great year and we are charged up for a great 2009-2010.