Team Picture 2010

2010 Breakaway

2010 was the first year since 2006 that there was only one FIRST team in Churchville-Chili High School. The decision to not re-register Team 424 was a tough one for the advisory of Team 340, but it something that we do not regret. While it was nice having a team especially for rookies, the organization of two teams during build season proved to be very stressful.

The highlight of the Finger Lakes Regional Competition for Team 340 was the success of our fellow Bausch and Lomb teams. At this competition, 4 out of the 5 Bausch and Lomb sponsored teams walked out with at least one prestigious award, including Team 340. 2010 was the team’s fifth Chairman’s Award win in the last six years at the Finger Lakes Regional, but the team also received the Website Award for our website that was new that year. Robot-wise, we had some problems in the qualifying rounds but we got picked despite them. Unfortunately, those same problems carried over into the elimination rounds, and the team was eliminated in the first round.

Since we won the Chairman’s Award at FLR the team was able to travel to Atlanta, GA for the FIRST Championship in the Georgia Dome. Our robot worked well in the qualifying matches, it went over the humps and our kicker scored several times over the course of the matches. However, we did not get picked by any of the top eight seeds to continue into the elimination matches, and packed up our pit early on Saturday. While we heard good things about our team’s Chairman’s presentation afterwards, Team 341 was awarded Chairman’s, rightfully, and Team 340 flew out of Atlanta with some good experience.