Team Picture 2012

2012 Rebound Rumble

In 2012 Greater Rochester Robotics created a Robot named Karl and a Practice Robot called Mark to play Rebound Rumble. Team 340 attended the Finger Lakes Regional, the Buckeye Regional and St. Louis. At the Finger Lakes Regional, FIRST team 340 won multiple awards, including the Regional Chairman’s Award, the Regional Finalist, and the FIRST Deans List Finalist Award. At the Buckeye Regional the team received even more acknowledgements for their work, including the Engineering Inspiration Award, the Runner-Up Safety Award, and a Regional Win. Their robot Karl seeded second at both the Finger Lake Regional and the Buckeye Regional.  Their overall regional record for 2012 was 29-6-1.  In St. Louis MO, Team 340 played on the Newton Division and ranked 36 with a record of 3-6-0.