Team Picture 2012

2013 Ultimate Ascent

In 2013 our team built a robot named Argon for Ultimate Ascent. Our robot strategy for this year was definitely the end game which was climbing a 90 inch pyramid. Our second strategy was to shoot Frisbees in the top goal. Our team worked very hard to achieve these goals and our robot was able to 30 point climb and even 50 point climb.  We attended FLR in Rochester, New York and Buckeye in Ohio at both regionals we won the Excellence in Engineering Award thanks to our unique climbing mechanism. We used the idea of an extension ladder for our hooks and changed the center of gravity to allow us to go to the next rung of the pyramid. We also won the Regional Safety Award at the Buckeye Regional. Though we did not qualify for Championship we definitely had proven that we had an awesome 30 point climber.