About Us

Students 2016

Our Vision
In our Vision our students are excited about Science and Technology.
In our Vision our students work with engineering mentors to gain real-world experience.
In our Vision our students demonstrate the attributes of leadership, creativity, teamwork, communication, and initiation.
In our Vision our students are not satisfied with past successes, but challenge themselves to attain higher goals.
In our Vision our students are looking forward.

We are our Vision.​

We are FIRST Team 340...

Our Mission
Greater Rochester Robotics works to promote science, technology, and engineering throughout the Churchville-Chili School District and the Rochester area. The team will work to incorporate FIRST® Robotics Concepts into classroom activities, support existing and new FIRST Robotics teams in the region, test and design new engineering concepts, and build a robot to compete in FRC competitions.
We will maintain the growth of student learning through school related curriculum. We will continue to develop and implement activities and projects that align with the standards and concepts of FIRST.
Greater Rochester Robotics will aid the growth of FIRST in the Greater Rochester area. We will continue to work with schools to start new teams and work with existing teams to improve their FIRST programs.
Greater Rochester Robotics will host FIRST activities throughout the school year. Starting in September, the we begin activities leading to the FIRST program. We conduct fund raising events to fund team expenses. Our students begin learning activities and development of high tech robot components.
Finally, students will work with adult mentors to build a machine to participate in the FIRST Robotics Competition. The team will spend six weeks working to design and construct a robot that meets the challenge of the competition. In the weeks following the construction our team will compete with other schools in the FIRST Robotics Competitions.