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The GRR programming sub-team makes use of a number of tools to help them in programming the robot. These tools include ones used to write code, version control systems, and various FIRST toolkit programs that are needed to make sure that the RoboRIO and the radio are running correctly.

First and foremost, the tools we use to write our programs in the first place. We primarily use eclipse, though the dashboard is constructed using LabView (A copy of which comes free with the Kit of Parts).

Alongside the IDE, we use the WPIlib Java library, and Github to store the code online. WPIlib is available on eclipse via a plugin, which you can get from the following link.

Finally, there’s the robotics toolset provided by NI. This is a single installer, from which you can choose which of the available options you want to install on your system.
FRC Update Suite:

These are the primary tools currently used by Team 340, over time if/when these change, this post should be changed to keep up to date with the current tools and links.

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