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Programming Tools

The Team 340 programming sub-team makes use of a number of tools to help us with programming the robot. These include tools used to write code, version control systems, and various FIRST toolkit programs that are necessary to ensure that

Naming Conventions

CAD Naming Info Our team uses subsystem prefixes- So all files associated with the drive base would be named DR-. For example DR_side_rail For the next version we put REV_2 after the prefix and so on. Example- DR_side_REV_3 Moving files

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Programing Resources

FIRST Team 340’s Programming team has used Java to program the robot since 2010. We will most likely continue to use Java for the foreseeable future. To build and edit our code, we use the Eclipse IDE. In addition to

Electrical Handbook


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All About Awards

There are many things that are important when a FIRST team decides to submit for awards. Make sure at least one student has an account on STIMS( Be sure that they have also been accepted as a team member. Each

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